05 March 2023

Getting ready for traditional hike

Normally, we do an autumn hike each year. "We" in this context are my Dutch hiking friends and me. We have been on a bit of a break! For several years, we couldn't go, for reasons of Covid. And last autumn we could have, but we didn't get our act together. And when I was in the Netherlands over Christmas, we decided that we should have another attempt. And it turns out that our Reading Week is the same as some spring break in the Netherlands. That matters, as one of the hikers also works in education, so has to stick to periods in which he is not teaching.

It was a bit difficult to get prepared! I'm a bit slow with that, and term had got into full swing. But one evening I had an almost packed bag ready in my downstairs bedroom. I think we still have it! And it will be really good to see these people again! And on top of that, we will explore a new area! Watch this space to see how it all goes…

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