15 March 2023

Dog rescue

It had been a hectic week! If you go off on a jolly for a few days, you tend to come back to a to do list the length of your arm. I found myself preparing for my teaching of the next day until quite late in the evening some evenings. But on the Wednesday, I had got quite some teaching out of the way, and there was not an awful lot immediately afterwards. I had that lovely feeling that I was up to date with things, that everything was under control, and I was really enjoying it. And then my phone pinged.

It was a message from the rescue team. There was mention of a dog having fallen down a hole! I didn't yet say we had to go there. The location was given as a village some 50 minutes east.

Sometimes when there is an issue with a dog, one person can and does sort it out. So I wasn't sure if I was going to get called out! But I was. So I grabbed my kit and drove east. 

When I got to the site, the dog was already being hauled up by people who had got there quicker. Read how it went here! She was fine. And very cute.

From the Daily Post. Copyright NWCRO.

I had basically driven quite far east and got to bed way too late in vain, but that is how these things go. Although I did mull over how this rescue had gone through the eyes of someone who is expected to become a controller. There were several things I thought we could improve on! Not really on charm levels of the casualty, though. I hope the lovely dog will have a very uneventful life from now on!

From the NWCRO Facebook page 

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