26 March 2023

Battling international logistics

I had tried to, and failed, to book a train to the Netherlands for my trip over Christmas. I really wanted to go there, though, so in the end I must admit I flew. I didn't feel good about that! But what can you do.

I had been trying to use an Interrail pass to book the Eurostar. I just couldn't get a seat on the leg between Brussels and London. And when that doesn't work, nothing works. So I still had that Interrail pass. I thought I could use that for a trip in spring. So I had to get back to the Interrail website. 

It still wouldn’t play ball. Maybe I was just booking too late. Should I perhaps just book really far in advance, and travel by some other means in spring? I gave that a go.

I have now booked the Eurostar to the Netherlands quite deep in the year. And for my spring trip, I booked a ferry. These were still available! I had been a bit inspired by my Dutch friends who had used the same ferry to come to the Yorkshire Dales.

I am interested to see how I like the travel by ferry. I will first have to get to the ferry port. That is probably going to be some five hours.

I hope I can manage by train. The crossing itself is probably a doddle; I will just be asleep. I will see how I like it! It might be an easier way to get there. In general I like trains, but Britain doesn't make that sort of thing easy…

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