08 September 2021

Combining meetings with needlework

When I went camping during our epic slate trail hike, I was reminded of the fact that there is a tear in my sleeping bag liner. And I managed to tear it even further. The rip is now almost a metre long! That is getting ridiculous. I had to do something about this. And then I remembered that in the early days of online meetings, I had sometimes done repair work during the meetings where you don't have to concentrate all the time. I still have some of those. So I decided to start the repair that way!

I had decided I was going to repair the liner by stitching a length of ribbon to it. So during one meeting I just set to work. And it worked a treat! I had enough attention for the meeting, and I made the start on that big repair job. Everybody wins! It will take a few more meetings, but I am sure that the new academic year will provide these. And by the time term calms down a bit, and I have time to use a sleeping bag liner, I will have probably managed to repair the entire length of the tear!

Work in progress

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