05 November 2013


Could anyone have failed to notice that a renowned body like the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level has turned 80 this year? I thought not. I headed to Liverpool to celebrate by means of attending the anniversary conference. I had my poster with me. And was ready for talks by the finest in sea level science; the tide gauge people, the sea level reconstructors (of which I am one), the modellers, the glaciologists (these fluctuations in sea level have to come from somewhere) and the coastal management folk. It was very interesting! And it was a good time to catch up with people from the past, the present and the future. From the distant past came Robin Edwards, whom had been a colleague in my Amsterdam days, from my sea level days came the likes of Jason Kirby, and the delegation from my present was made up of Tasha, Roland and Tom. And who knows who will feature in my future!

 The workshop was held at the Victoria Gallery and Museum; a beautiful venue! Here a nice still life with the queue for coffee during the break...

One of the Three Graces being gracefully lit at night

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