18 November 2013

No kidney for Matt

I still have two kidneys. And it might stay that way for a while. After about 2.5 months I received the outcomes of the tests done to find out if I would be a good donor for a little kid who has to make do without kidneys. And I'm not. I know the chance was slim, but it was worth finding out for certain. And I could still give one kidney away to someone else; there are more people who make do without, and I might be a good match for one of those. But with my contract already expiring in less than ten months, this may not be the moment to engage in heavy surgery. I need a future for myself too! But given that it took 2.5 months to find out if I was a suitable donor for Matthew, it may take forever to find out if I am a suitable donor for anyone in the UK. So I might have that process started. And then we'll see!

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