01 February 2011

Night in the labs

I’ve just published three (3!) blog posts about things other than work! An outrage. Time to return to my natural habitat: the lab. It happens regularly that I’m the last person still working, when the sun has already gone down and the building has gone quiet. That’s not necessarily a good thing, but not necessarily bad either: the lab, which is on the 8th floor, provides an amazing view over Plymouth, especially during sunset. And the labs, with lots of equipment that should not be switched off (it seems to be bad for balances, for instance, to be switched off regularly), turns into an alluringly eerie world at night, with only flickering, coloured LEDs and pale balance displays to illuminate the ill-defined yet high-tech world. And yesterday I got inspired and took some pictures of that world, with my camera on the 15 seconds exposure time setting. I hope the feeling comes across!

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