11 February 2011

Quick caving

We ran into the adit, reached the stope, said "ooh!" and "aah!" in admiration of its beauty, took some pictures, and ran out again. Caving trips can be so simple!

I almost walked past that without noticing anything strange. When it dawned on me that such a sign in Dutch was a bit odd I realised this was another case of Lionel making a cultural reference...

When I emerged out of the adit before Dave, without whose car key I could not change, I decided to do an extra excursion into the Tamar. I was wearing a wetsuit, and then you can just as well have a nightswim afterwards. I also tried to take a night picture of the river, which involved me comfortably lying on my back in the river, shining my headlight on the trees on the other side, and the picture didn't work out but I thought it was a splendid way to spend some of a Tuesday night after all. Nothing like bobbing around in a nightly river in a busy week!

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