19 December 2009

Goodbye to a home

I live in a good house! It's a good place to be. But I do live alone, which I am used to, but which has disadvantages anyway. And the best way of throwing such disadvantages out of the window is by dropping by at Roland and Maria. I already spoke of what a welcoming place that is. And Roland I see almost every day, but Maria only when I visit her at home. And from my wish to see her, and the practical considerations regarding Rosa (who now has teeth!), has grown a sort of a tradition. Once in a while I take over the kitchen at the Gehrels household, and then we eat together. Cooking is much nicer if you do it for others. And despite Maria's undeniable culinary talents I am always welcome to replace her for a day. By this tradition we all win!

The tradition will change, though. Soon they'll receive the keys of their new, temporary house. I don't think there'll be another kitchen conquest before they move. But let's hope it will continue in the new residence.

Arbitrary picture of my neighbourhood, recognisable from the spire of the cathedral

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