20 September 2009


Thursday late afternoon I had the letting agency on the phone... they had received my deposit, and wanted me to come receive the key! Excellent! Friday I got them: four specimens, three of which I have found the purpose of as I write this. The friday itself was used on a staff meeting and a girls' night out, but saturday was the day of renewed acquaintance of me and the house. Roland drove me there to deliver my stuff. I already had mail there!

As quick as he had driven me there he drove me away as well; his car has no bike rack so he had to take me back to my beloved means of transport. And I made my entrance yet again. This time through the back door, as this one opens to the place behind the house which to my eye is excellent bicycle storage. The house is situated at the rather sharp, but meandering border between a rather good and a slighly less soigne neighbourhood. Approaching the house from behind makes you feel the breath of the not so classy areas...

The alleyway behind the house

Notice the beautiful bicycle

Yet once inside the atmosphere changes

There's not very much there yet!

The view from the window

The next door neighbour in the middle of the square

Behind the square are classy pedestrian areas

With the cathedral of Plymouth, as if that other church wasn't enough yet!
When one walks in the other direction one sees decayed glory

I have been finding some things out about the house and its surroundings. The shower and the boiler are working. The toilet door has no lock. There is a bathtub. There are two big in-built cupboards that are excellent for containing stuff, of which I have lots. There is a whole bunch of second hand shops very nearby (in the direction of the not-so-good neighbourhood of course). And in the other direction there's a tool shop that's open on sundays. Yay!


Viking said...

Wow! Even the not-so-classy alley looks... ehm... interesting, to say the least. And the rest... Pretty Cool. You have done well-oh! You might enjoy living there.

Margot said...

That is precisely the plan!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with your place! I hope it becomes home real soon, and it looks good indeed.

Jesper Hansen said...

Lovely house and not least a lovely neighbourhood. Congratulations and good luck. The weather looks much better than in Tromsø!


Margot said...

Nice to see you're still reading Jesper! Perhaps it is slightly more accessible now. And thanks!