20 September 2009


I had figured it all out! I would bring a bicycle bag with me from Norway, to facilitate transport of all my stuff to England, and for immediate use in reconnaisance trips in the surroundings. However, one should not load these too heavily. It got no further than Amsterdam in acceptable shape.

Not finding a Vaude dealer in Plymouth I contacted the manufacturer, who redirected me to a UK dealer. Who immediately after receiving the broken component sent an intact one back, at no cost! Lovely folks. Too bad it did not include the necessary bolts.

The open-on-sundays toolshop solved that problem. Almost. The bolts were too long! And I don't have my iron saw yet. But soon!

Another shop that was open on sunday was the bookshop, which also sold maps. Excellent! I had forgotten that I only had a map of Plymouth, and that's not the best place for sunday bikerides. So after my exploits in the hideous city centre I headed out, heavily armed with ordnance maps. Not yet with the bicycle bag, though. To Cornwall, was the idea. Close to my place there's a ferry. Unfortunately it was very low tide...

Quite low tide

There was another ferry on the map, in deeper water, and that took me to Cornwall after all. And then a bikeride as expected followed. Charming villages, ancient churches, undulating fields. And enough hills to make me feel active. And a cream tea on the way, with a good book beside it, for the English cultural touch. And on the way back the water was high enough for taking the originally intended ferry back.

On the way I saw that the landscape is teeming with footpaths. I think the coastal path will beckon me soon!

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Viking said...

Yeah... I remember Cornwall from when I was, like, 11 or something. Visited Dartmoore as well then. Was quite impressed at the time. And it still looks like a nice place for a walk... Enjoy!