21 November 2019

Onwards with the bedroom

I had made a very small start on ripping the wallpaper off the plasterboard wall in the spare room. It didn't come off easily! Phil immediately offered his wallpaper steamer. I've used it many times before! It came on the scene pretty much at the very start. I picked it up but the next weekend I was away. So it took the weekend after that to start its job!

The steamer it does help! So now the paper does come off, be it still while putting up resistance. I have no idea if I will manage to remove the paper and do the PVA-ing before my bag of plaster will have turned into a large plaster rock, but one way to find out! And in the worst case, the plaster lump will have to go to the recycling centre and I'll have to buy a new bag. But then I won't do that by roadbike!

One small panel stripped

A bit more stripped

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