30 September 2018

The landing is almost ready for the plasterer

The floor had been done, the old fireplace had been pulled out. The ceiling had come down, Roelof had given the beams one layer of oil. With Jitske I had pulled off the wallpaper. The electrician had changed the wires. Work was moving on!

When I got the steamer back I removed the more resistant bits of newspaper. And I gave the beams another layer of oil. Will two layer do? I hope so! Applying it from the floor is OK but it's a bit of a faff to apply it above the staircase, balancing on a ladder.

The room is still waiting for its hearth to be lifted (it seems to legally have to be above the level of the floor), and for the log burner to be installed. And it's waiting for the plumber to remove the radiator (easy for when you're removing wallpaper and then painting). I tried it myself but it leaked beyond what I thought was reasonable! It already was a radiator I was a bit worried about.

If the plasterer can come before the stove man and the plumber I will let him. What's a bit of wallpaper behind a leaky radiator in the greater scheme of things! And let's just hope that oil will be enough. I still have to do the second layer in the living room! But that will be easier; the beams are smoother and there is no great big hole in the floor.

It's currently not quite sure when the plumber and plasterer can come. But there is work for them!

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