24 September 2018

Slow progress in the dig

Digs are a bit like the evolution theory of punctuated equilibrium. Nothing happens for a long long time, and then something happens, and everything changes, and after that nothing happens for a long long time again. We're in one of those nothing happens periods! We're just chipping away at a rather dense bit. Getting rid of one rock feels like a big victory but then there's a gazillion still waiting. But if we just keep going we will get to a period of change again.

This week it didn't help I was a bit late; I couldn't peel myself away from work any earlier! We did lug the drill up, but it felt like we only had minutes with it before it was time to go out again. The angle at which we have to work is also rather awkward, so even getting the breaker in position is a faff. And I was also hungry so even in that short time I wanted a sandwich break. Doesn't help! But well. We have time. Digging has become a lot more relaxed since I got a permanent job!

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