19 October 2017

Pushed it a bit hard

Tuesday was a long day; first the field trip with the students, then briefly to the office, only to then bike to Welsh class in the evening. During the class I started coughing a bit, but thought no more of it.

Wednesday was a long day too, with a long day at work, then meeting Jenny, and then seeing Phill Jupitus with Marjan. And Thursdays are always long days. I knew I had to be careful but I still misjudged. It was Friday next, and I finally had nothing other than work, but there was a lot of it. I got home a bit late.

There was still a lot to do I went into the office on Saturday. The students had done the online test, and I wanted to collate all results so I could evaluate the results with the students the next time I saw them. And you can download exactly who get which question right, but not who gavce what answer! And I wanted to know what traps the students had fallen into. If you know what false answers they are tempted by, you can tell them why these were wrong.

I also wanted to collate the data collected during the field trip; I wanted to see what strange things the students may have done, so I could discuss what to do with that. But it's a lot of work! So I went into the office and worked until 18:30. During the course of the day, I started feeling that my throat was getting sore. Oh dear! That's always the canary in the coal mine. If the throat goes I go. I was glad to have finished my stuff.

On Sunday I stayed home. I did have my glaciology book so I could do some leasurely lecture prep while at home. I also had to design a route for the upcoming Swamphike! Still no rest for the wicked. I turned to Lemsip (other medicinal beverages are available) and Beechams (other lozenges are avialable) to get me through the day. I hoped that would be enough!

I would go to work on Monday but I decided to drive in. There was a severe weather warning on, and I didn't fancy biking across the bridge (for a tutorial) in severe weather with such a cold! And I decided to drive on Tuesday too. I had Welsh class again, but I felt so awful I went home in the coffee break. I would drive Wednesday still... I hope I will get better soon! And I know some of you will suggest not working so hard, but eh, the work has to be done! I'm sure my body can rest while my mind works. Can't it...?

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