14 May 2024

Tyre sorted, hopefully: part 2

In November, I hoped I had my tyres sorted for the foreseeable future. And that was almost true! Three tyres were ok after that, but one wasn’t. I basically had to re-inflate it every time I used the car. That got tiresome (pun!). So I decided to go back to the tyre place. And I chose a day when I had a meeting at work in the afternoon, and a cave rescue committee meeting in the evening, for that. In between I could get it fixed.

Awaiting my turn 

The queue was short. Soon a young chap was on the case. He needed some violence to get the wheel off. And after some tests he concluded the problem was with the little lead weights. He took them off and replaced them with a different type. And he said he’d not charge me as it should have been sorted in November. If all’s ok now I probably won’t blog about it again. Not very newsworthy! But if it isn’t, the topic will come back up. Let’s hope not! 

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