27 July 2021

Exam passed against expectations!

 Everything had gone wrong while I was desperately trying to pass a Welsh exam. I was certain I had bombed it. And I don't particularly need the qualification at the moment, but it is always nice to have, of course. But then I only got the email that gave me my result. I made sure to sit down to see that one. I opened the email and my eye immediately fell on the Welsh word for congratulations. What? I read the mail carefully. And then again. It really said I have passed! Even with "clod", which is as much as recommendation or praise. Crikey! I was quite chuffed. And it came on the same day I heard I had passed my proofreading course. A day of good academic success!

I also think this might have been my last Welsh qualification; I don't think there are any more. This is it! I have my A-level, I have the highest "Welsh in the Workplace" there currently is, and now I have my "Certificate of Language Skills". I can't think of any more! And that doesn't mean I don't have anything to learn any more; au contraire. But any future employer can't possibly wish for more evidence. And I won't have to sit that exam again!

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