08 July 2021

Proving your right to be in the country

The transition period is over; every EU citizen living in the UK without having actively acquired the right to live here is now an illegal alien. It's not a comfortable thought! And I sorted my settlement status as soon as I could, but I don't feel quite secure. For one thing; the Home Office can give you your settlement status, but who says they can't also take it away if they so wish? If they can take away the passport of a British citizen, they can certainly do that with something as flimsy as settlement status. If they would take mine away, I will not be a stateless citizen, so no court would have a problem with it.

The other thing is that I am not confident I will be able to prove my status. If you have acquired it, you do not get something like an identity card or something that proves your right to live here. The only thing you get is the possibility to log into a Home Office website and retrieve your status. So if there is some bug in the system, you are toast!

I hope the system will sort of work, but I would feel a lot happier if it would be a Labour government looking after it! I suppose that is a pipe dream…

Screenshot from the site you need for proving your status

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