24 July 2021

Heat wave

 I suppose it is officially a heatwave! I had already noticed it was hot. But it was going to get hotter. The situation is now that I have to pretty much continuously water the plants in the unbearably hot conservatory. I have faith that the neighbour's cat finds it so hot she won't even bother to try to sneak into the house, so I keep the door open. I keep the bedroom curtains closed. The cat is pretty much busy the entire day with impersonating door snakes on the floor. The attraction of my double bed, where she used to spend all day, has now faded. I suppose it is now too hot to lie on a duvet! My office needs my big standing fan (which I bought when I was living in my difficult-to-ventilate flat in Amsterdam, which had only windows on one side) to stay cool, in spite of it being north-facing and having very thick walls. It is predicted to end soon, and I must say I hope it indeed will. This is a bit much!

How my office often looks these days

When she doesn't lie underneath the cupboard

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