02 July 2021

Conservatory taken over by plants

The conservatory can be a lovely place to sit in! You are protected from the elements and, potentially, insects, but you have a lovely view over the garden. I have a comfortable chair and a side table there. When I am phoning my mum, I often sit there. But this spring I decided to use it to grow some vegetables that had been unsuccessful the year before when I tried growing them outdoors. I just failed the keep the slugs off!

So far my attempt have been mildly successful. I have already eaten one home-grown courgette! My pumpkin plant has already produced lots of mini pumpkins; time will tell if they will grow to an adult size. And I have two tomato plants; one of them has now produced two green tomatoes. I hope more will follow; both plants have had lots of flowers.

The drawback of all that growing is that the plants involved are becoming huge. The courgette plants are roughly spherical and are not getting in the way all too much. The pumpkin plant has long trailing arms, but I have been leading these roughly in circles so that plant also mainly stays in its corner. The butternut squash plant, however, is quite linear in shape, and it was planted at the back of the conservatory. It has now grown pretty much all the way to the front. And that means there is less and less space for me! So the situation now is that one of the courgette plants is making access to my chair difficult, while the butternut squash has taken over the side table. I have stopped using the chair altogether! Especially that butternut squash plant had better produce some butternut squashes, as it now has to earn its keep. And if it doesn't, there will be no butternut squash in the conservatory next year. And I will maintain use of my chair. Stay tuned!

Mini pumpkins

Inaccessible chair

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