28 January 2013

Dutch pride

There are some things the Dutch just are good at. Dredging, keeping the sea out, locking their bicycles. Earlier this week I walked into the bicycle parking in the evening, and noticed there were little notes dangling from most of them. From all except mine, to be more precise. One can imagine my curiosity. And when I had done a little dance to make the motion sensor switch the light on, and read one of these notes, I must admit a pang of pride. It warned the owner of the bicycle that it was not adequately locked, and was vulnerable to theft. All but mine! And yes, of course, maybe mine had had one and it had fallen off, but I don't think so. I think I may have been the only Dutchie of all the people who had parked there...

PS All this happened again - that confirms my bike just doesn't get these notes!

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