14 July 2011

Camera on head

When I was having a pint with the Transport Geographers I asked if I counted as one of them if I would help out one of the other human geographers with a research project on the perception of Plymouth and its traffic by cyclists. The answer was yes! And lo and behold: a few weeks later I was indeed festooned with a third eye on my bicycle helmet. For three days it went everywhere I went. I must have shot quite some footage for Paul, the mastermind of this project. He interrogated me afterwards, on things like if it feels vulnerable as a cyclist in Plymouth traffic, and if yes then when specifically, and what could be done to improve cycling conditions, and all that sort of things. I hope my insights are of use! And outweigh the recorded traffic offences, the endless footage of bicycle locks being done and undone, the inherent neauseating wobbliness of the footage, and the half-conscious singing on the bike...

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