10 May 2010

Back to the Moors

I was supposed to go caving this Sunday, but the trip got cancelled. And in the past many weeks I’ve always been working, caving, travelling or being ill. So I hadn’t been to the Moors for a while. And my poor car was entirely neglected on the street; my throat had kept me from taking it anywhere. And I’m still such a new driver I should try to avoid not driving for weeks on end. So the decision was easily made: a small trip to the Moors! And any other landscape I would run into. It was a pleasant walk, and it resulted in some nice pics. Finally!

The Moors! Long time no see.

Signs of spring everywhere!

I walked back along a river that had made some nice granite sculptures.

I had lunch at the river too.

My view while having lunch! Could be worse.

I want to go climbing here somewhere soon!

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Maaike said...

Tis net wat te ver rijden op een donderdagavond, anders zou ik zeggen: Paashop 2011 here we come!