09 April 2010

No such thing as bad publicity

There is a bad thing such as no publicity! One of the good things about working in academia is that there is such an open mentality. Everybody can find you, eveybody can suggest collaboration, and quite ofen it works out. Not the shielded-off, spastic, money-obsessed commercial thing. But that's the theory.

I took for granted that if I work somewhere the institute will publish my details on the website. And basically, that's what it should be like. When you're new, you have other things on your mind, and many people don't have your new contact details yet, and you want people to be able to track you down for social reasons as you have to build up a new circle of friends.

But here it doesn't work that way! You have to personally make sure there is information on you on the site, and that it can be accessed from outside. It took  me half year to find that out and act upon it. And now I'm a bit angry at both myself and the university, as it simply is a bad thing to be so invisible at your new working place. I think I should go and see if the ITC guys are willing to discuss this...

The way it was: if you looked for me you only found Roland...

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