16 April 2010

First batch of samples done!

Time to space, and space to time. When we are on fieldwork, we tend to take a core that holds ~500 years worth of sediment, and sample it. So every sample represents a parcel of time. Typically 5 to 10 years.

We also take surface sediments. These are all taken in what can be rounded off as the same time. But they are taken at different elevations. A sample typically represents a 1 to 3 cm parcel of vertical space. And then you can compare! Do wild statistics, and produce impressive graphs.

The Icelandic core had already been done before I started working on the project, so I started working on the surface samples. And after we had gone to the Isle of Wight I switched to these samples. And I hope to soon get the core samples from there. Lots, lots, LOTS of samples! But this week I clenched my teeth and did all the Icelandic surface samples I still intended to do (some of them do not bear any resemblance to the core samples, so we can't use them). I counted 12.570 foram in total! And it feels good to have that behind me.

The last sample!

Not that I will get any rest now; I need to process that data. And process the grain size data I produced in the previous year. And beside that I still have 32 uncounted 5cc samples from the Isle of Wight, and I so far I have had foram abundances up to 3000 specimens per cc... but still. A modest milestone!

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