15 April 2018

Short but productive night in dig

The last time in the dig we had blown up a pesky rock, and had had to go before we could tidy up behind it. This week we were back! It would be a short day as Miles had to be home early, but we could get a lot done. I just brought down everything that was loose at the top, and Miles was two levels lower chucking stuff down in order to make space for all rubble I was creating.

A lot was loose, but there was one rock that was maybe a bit loose but also too big to chuck down. It would get stuck! And perhaps trap me. So I only manoeuvred it into a position in which I could easily drill it and left it otherwise.

I then suggested Miles had a look. He didd, and as usual he didn't like the look of it! He's being pessimistic. It doesn't look bad at all! Not sure when we'll be back in there but I'm sure we'll make good progress again!

After coming out there was a bit of a screw-up. I sometimes get my car key out of my bag before I leave the mine, so I have it handy and won't have to drag it out from the bottom of the bag in the pooring rain at the car park. And I had done that this time! I had taken it off the key chain as it would be uncomfortable to carry all my keys in my chest pocket. I suppose you see where this is going?

Miles gave me a lift down to the car park in his new car. At the car park I opened the car and got out a gas bottle I had inherited from Rose and which he would have use for. Then we said goodbye and he drove off. I changed, and then thought I'd sort out my bag. My bag? It was nowhere to be seen! I had forgot to get it out of Miles' car! Oh dear. As my car doesn't always lock, and theft from cars is not unheard of in the Blaenau area, I tend to take all my valueables (wallet, keys, phone) with me underground. In my bag... So there I was, not having my house keys, and not having a phone to alert Miles to that situation. And I have a spare key in the office but how to get into that without my access card and office key? (Note to self: put that key somewhere else). There was only one way of sorting that out: following Miles home. Luckily I know where that was, due to David's flawed memory. He'd only just driven off, I might get there while he was still unloading the car!

I sped off (well, within legal limits). I got to where Miles lives and saw his car stand still and dark on the road. I thought I remembered which house it was; when I approached it, I saw 'Go Below' on the mailbox. Bingo! I knocked. Miles opened. He was very apologetic about the situation, although it's my bag and I should hold on to it, but he quickly got his car key to sort me out. Situation saved! I was very glad I knew where he lived. I would have knocked on Jaco and Marjan's door if I would have been separated from my stuff for the rest of the night, but it would have been awkward!

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