01 February 2013

Something like a goodbye

Last weekend I had a great time with Hugh. We went to Lionel's on Saturday evening for dinner, which was very nice. We stayed the night there, so we could go directly to the Little Duke trip the day after. That was great too! You would almost think I'm good with relationships. But I'm not.

Things had been difficult for months. Many of the usual things went wrong: communication issues, over-interpretation issues, personality clashes... and if such things are not constructively dealt with they slowly but steadily chip away at a relationship. Until every little disagreement threatens to push all harmony out of the window. And that happened.

On Saturday morning we decided to call it quits. But to my surprise, I was still welcome to stay for breakfast. And we also decided to still go to the dinner with Lionel together. And down the mine the next day. And it was good. And it is still a sad situation; we had great times together, and it is sad we couldn't make it work. But it sure is the cosiest break-up I've ever experienced. Coming weekend we'll try out my new backpack together... I look forward to it!