11 October 2023

5th date

The previous time I had been on a certain number of dates, a period with no mention of anything like that on the blog had been bad news. After some dates with someone else, such a tumbleweed-infested period had arrived again, but this time it wasn't bad news. This time it was just a case of two people living more than an hour away from each other, and having a lot of other things to do. But we found some time again where our diaries lined up. On two separate occasions!

The first was the simplest; he just came over for dinner. That was good! The second was a lot more complex. He came over, and we went for lunch in the Green Olive. We were going to see ‘The Old Oak’ in the evening, and the screening started at 18:30, so that meant we would have to have dinner either unusually early or unusually late. Neither appealed much, so we made lunch the main meal of the day. And the Green Olive has never disappointed!

Between lunch and film we went for a nice walk. We tried out the new part of the coastal path, on the grounds of Penrhyn Castle. And I already reported on how the film went.

Remnant of wall by the coastal path

Looking inland, to the castle, from the path

The next morning I would have a race. It was sold out, so my date couldn't just enter it as well. I'm glad he wasn't too disappointed by that. And he just came as my supporter. Which was extra nice given that Marjan, who is my regular supporter, was slightly unwell and had had to bail out. At least I could give a rather good indication of how long it would take me! I had only just run a similar 10k seven weeks before.

I'll report on the race in the next blog post, but suffice to say it was a lovely day for it, and my date didn't seem to have been bored, in spite of not running himself. And after we got home we spent a few more pleasant hours in each other's company. Needless to say these hours involved a fair amount of food and tea.

I don't know yet when we will see each other again, but I already look forward to it. And next time should be in the Chester area again. It's my turn to travel!

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