08 December 2013

Storm damage

I took down the plants from the ledge. It looks really nice to have plants on the ledge int he courtyard, but at times of heavy winds they come down, whether due to me taking preventive action, or due to the wind. I had heard on the radio there was a storm warning, so I knew if I didn't take them down I would be faced with a lot of pot shards are scattered soil.

No shards greeted me when I came home. The prevention had worked! But the wheelie bin was lying on its side, the lid had blown off of one of my recycling bins, and the roof that keeps my bikes dry was no more. I'd have to repair that! Try to make a more wind-proof version. I already have ideas of how!

The sorry remnants of my bike shed

At least that roof is rather easy to repair. I biked along some more serious damage on my way home that day! During my run I had already had to clamber over a half a tree that had come down, but on the way home I encountered an entire tree that had draped itself elegantly over the cycle path. I won't be the only one doing repair work this weekend!

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