08 August 2013

Thesis from the other side

It's hard to imagine, when you're writing your own PhD thesis, that by doing that you are making it quite likely that one day you will be on the other side of that process. Many years after having finished my magnus opus with all the sweat, blood and tears it generally takes, I have now received the final draft of Rob's thesis. And that has been produced with quite comparable amounts of the aforementioned bodily fluids. I am now spelling it out for the last time. It's quite a lot of work, but at the end of it Rob can submit it, and thereby take his place in the endless chain of PhD students becoming PhD supervisors! I hope he thinks of me when he reads the draft thesis of his first supervisee. And I hope it's positive what he then thinks. But I am afraid he might first be a bit disheartened by the sheer numbers of nits I am picking right now... but it's one of the last chances of making this work as good as it can reasonably be! And believe me, that is very good in this case!

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