10 February 2013

School art

I can't stand it when municipalities decide to have the inside of their pedestrian tunnels decorated by primary school children. It happens a lot! I've seen it in both the Netherlands and the UK.Why have people, who don't (yet) have the eye-hand coordination, the training or even the talent to produce anything that would be of interest to anything other than close relatives, who may have quite a penchant for being sentimental about such efforts? Just wait a while until these kids have developed some skill, pick the most talented ones, and THEN let them decorate public spaces. They don't need to be professional artists; talented and dedicated school kids can make a lot of art worth looking at. As Plymouth University proves!

Some of the corridors of the building that houses my office are now is use as exposition space for secondary school kids who have chosen a curriculum that involves art. And a lot of it is really good! I'm not very familiar with the UK school system, so I don't acquire much information about the academic level of the maker from the labels beside the art works, but all of them are secondary school kids of some sort. I'm quite impressed! I've selected a few. Maybe some more people will be impressed when they see this!

The explanation of the exposition

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