11 February 2013

Customised backpack

What caters for the majority might not cater for me. I was very happy with my new backpack, but it still left room for improvement. And some of that room I now filled up! When I went testing the pack I was carrying so much stuff I had to strap things to the outside. But the manufacturers clearly think an 80+ litre pack doesn't need that! So the sides had straps; that's where tent poles and snow pegs and foam seats go. But the top and bottom didn't have much; there were two loops on the top, but what does two loops do? One needs four! So I set out to attach more trappings. And rings to dangle things from. And I added an emergency whistle. And now it's a properly Margonised pack. I look forward to using it!

Strap fitting on the bottom now allow a tent or something to be attached there.

 The top had two fittings, seen here; I added two so I can strap something to the top too. 

I always like to keep my camera ready; I had in the past tied it to the chest strap, but then it falls off as soon as you undo that strap. One strategic karabiner solves that!

 In case of room scarcity I often keep my mug and bowl dangling from the outside. I fixed a split ring to allow that, and I drilled holes into my cutlery, so that can dangle along! I have too many memories of hearing the call "dinner ready!" and then spending too much frustrating time looking for my spoon.

I'll bring big gloves; too big to reasonably fit inside my jacket pockets. So I attached a mesh stuff bag to the waist strap. I can put them in there if I don't need them!

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