12 February 2013

Car repair

I am a blossoming car mechanic. Years ago I already prided myself in changing my tires and replacing a smashed blinking light when I had smashed the original one. But now I added another feat to this list! The last time I needed wing mirror repair, when someone had kindly kicked both off, I went to the garage and had them do it. One of my caving mates said it isn't very hard to replace them yourself, and he offered to help. But I wanted it done fast: a vandalised car attracts more vandalism. The garage fitted two shiny new mirrors.

Only months later I was again confronted with a dangling mirror; this time probably an accident. I decided to have a try myself. I phoned around to some local car scrappers, but none had the right type of mirror, so I ended up buying another new one. It's a bit silly: a 19 year old car with the newest possible mirrors, but well, what can one do.

What it was like first

Improvised repair

On Friday I googled how one replaces a wing mirror. Looked simple! On Saturday I bought my mirror. On Sunday I fitted it. It is quite easy! Even though it's awkward; the padding of the door, and the steering wheel, and all sorts of other car parts get in the way. But I have a mirror again, that doesn't need tape to stay in position! I did keep the old one; thanks to the tape, it is able to stay up. One never knows when the next helpful citizen thinks my car makes an excellent recipient for random frustration. I hope it won't be soon...
Step 1: getting the plastic cover off.

Step 2: getting the whole thing off. Looks very naked!

Step 3: putting the new one in!

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