10 July 2010

Flirtatious neighbour

During the train ride home from Sussex, Roland and I were the epitome of the calm, responsible scholar. That changed immediately when we reached the town of our residence. I knew he would meet up with Veit, a former PhD student, to watch the football semifinal in the pub. He had 4 minutes to hasten from railway station to campus pub... and he had been going on about how terrible it is to watch football with people who don't care about such things, so I expected to just maintan my responsible demeanor and walk home, but no: once out of the railway station he asked me to come along. And I looked forward to seeing Veit again as well, so I accepted the invitation.

Veit was fairly distracted by the match that had just begun when we arrived, and Roland changed back to orange and became absorbed too. However, Richard the Lab Technician was there as well, and he's always good for some philosophizing over a beer, and he doesn't care about football either, so I found good company anyway. But I had a lot to do so somewhere before the end of the match I buggered off, back to my attitude of law-abiding citizen. But more men were intent on challenging my morality!

Almost home I suddenly saw the neighbouring cat sitting on the road. Generally he's quite aloof, but this time he seemed to be in a very flirtatious mood. Which suited me fine, of course! So I crouched down, backpack and all, and fondled away. The feline charmer evidently enjoyed that, but he saw more possibilities: he cast one skilled eye on my backpak, and just jumped on. From its top he was still within reach, and in an excellent position to drool in my hair. We were shameless! And now when I step into the street I hope to see his masculine features somewhere...

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