04 October 2021

Welsh starts too

With a new academic year, I normally start a new Welsh class as well. I had been doing without for a while, as the previous period there had been nothing that seemed suitable. There had only been one class that I thought was at the right level and with the right topic. Some classes are classical language learning classes, but some focus on something like history, music, film or something along those lines, and such topic has to fit you. The interesting class had been at an awkward time that often clashed with my job. I would have had to miss a lot of classes! And that seemed a waste. I decided to just check if there were any spaces left just before the deadline for registering; if no one else wanted the space I could just do the sessions I was available for. But by then it was fully booked, undoubtedly by people with better availability than me! So I made do without.

This year there was a class available that was called "conversation and story" and that sounded good. It would still be online. And when term started, the course started too.

There were not many familiar faces, but that is okay. Nice to meet new people! And the course was clearly up my street; a combination of conversation and grammar. I need practice with both! So I am sorted again until Christmas. And then we will see what happens after that!

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