11 October 2018

Addition to the office

I spend a lot of my time at work. It’s worth making that time as comfortable as possible! I, for instance, have a mouse on the left and a digitisation tablet on the right; that spreads the strain over both my arms and helps avoid. RSI. And I have speakers; if I am doing mindless data processing I can listen to music. And I tried to make my office warm. And I tucked my bikes into the corner. But there was something still on my wish list: a comfortable chair. I like comfortable chairs! Not just any chair will do. 

One day when I had two lectures in Bangor with quite some time in between I popped to the second-hand shop in town. They had a chair quite like the one I have in the kitchen! It’s pretty much the smallest chair of sufficiently comfort you can buy. My office doesn’t have enormous amounts of space left. So I bought it! I was on bicycle so I came back the next day to pick it up. Now it’s in the office! If I can do work in a comfortable chair I can pretty much also do them at home, but now I have that chair there for when I have to do small reading tasks. I don’t need to do these sitting up in a desk chair! I’m chuffed. 

Ready to be taken to Menai Bridge

It's there!

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