03 August 2018

Finally, some movement in the dig

We had been stuck in one position for a while in the dig! It was a bit of a tricky bit with thin, horizontal slabs. We had tried for weeks to make a good dent in it. The previous session had even been so fruitless I hadn't even been bothered to blog about it. The session before that had removed some rocks, but not enough to move forward. But now we were back!

As usual I was the first one up. I started prodding. And some rocks I hadn't realised I could move (or maybe they couldn't the previous time) actually moved. I pulled quite some stuff down! And chucked it all down the vertical passage. But then what? There were still big slabs in the way. And they were too big too move but too thin to blow up. Just to be sure I tried drilling shot holes in them, but it seemed fruitless. After a while attempting I asked if Miles wanted to come up to see if he had any ideas. And he figured we should attack them with the breaker. We didn't have it with us that evening. But next time we should have it! He can do some serious damage with that thing. These rocks will be out of the way soon.

I could reach behind the rocks, and I noticed that most rocks behind it were loose. That's good news! If we get the slabs out of the way we should be able to move these rather fast. And then we are probably stuck again after less than a meter, but well, any progress is progress. Stay tuned!

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