01 December 2017

Trying the boots

I had bought new boots! Especially for swampy days. And there are plenty of these around here. So after another busy week I decided to go for a walk to give the boots their first proper outing. The forecast was light rain, so that was a nice balance between nice walking weather and making sure it was wet enough to properly try the boots.

The forecast was a bit wrong! It was dry with spells of rather ferocious hail. Oh well! It was still wet enough for the boots. And the hail gave the landscape a good wintery look!

So what is the verdict? They did a good job! It was quite swampy, but at the end of the walk my socks were merely a bit damp. That can have been sweat! And they felt good. I did traversing, and scrambling, and scampering through swamp, and they were comfortable for all of that. And I'm glad they were, as now I've made them so muddy I can't possibly bring them back!

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