20 August 2017

Evening walk

It is August. It is one with rather changeable weather. When I saw, after a rather wet Monday, that Tuesday would be lovely, I decided an evening walk was in order. Do a day's work, go home, eat dinner, get into the car and drive to the start of a nice walk. Welsh class (which is normally my Tuesday night activity) hasn't started yet! I had picked a small valley with nothing in it opposite Dinorwic Slate Quarry: Cwm Dwythwch. Probably beautiful, and small enough to be negotiated in the limited time after work.

It was a good choice! The valley was beautiful. And the light turned from summerish yellow to sunset red over the impressive spoil heaps of Dinorwic. It's great to live so close to such beautiful places you can just visit them after dinner, and be back at 21:15!

View at the start of the walk

In full screen view you can see the railway going up Snowdon

The view on the way back, with Llyn Dwythwch 

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