27 April 2017

Rescue practice

It was that time again! The AGM of the cave rescue team. And we always do some training first. We tend to do some communications, some first aid, and some rigging. Useful! I had only just done a first aid course but you remember things better when you practice them. First aiders really love acronyms (remember your Dr. ABC, your AVPU, your FAST, your FISH SHAPED?) but the lady who taught this sessions used different ones, and I think I'll stick to the ones from the first aid course. One set of acronyms is enough! And the practical differences tend to be minimal. It was a pleasant session, as the people are nice and we could do it outside, on the grass. It was excellent weather!

The rigging was useful! I rigged my first Z-rig in 2009, but given we never get call-outs I don't practice such things outside cave rescue training and we only have a few per year. I need all of them! So I needed reminding of how you do it. We also practiced a releasable deviation. That will come in handy! In the unlikely case we ever get a real call-out, that is...

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