03 April 2017

Job ad

My job runs to the end of June. After that, all bets are off. I know the School of Ocean Sciences would really want to hire someone to do James' teaching in the long run, but the university is not keen on spending any money at all, and there is an official ban on hiring. My five months were already quite a victory over higher management. What would happen after these were over?

I knew the School had applied for 12 months more. That would at least give them a year more to ponder what to do. I also heard rumours about some assessment of our programmes; maybe they want to wait for that before they make big decisions. Anyway; the university has come back with an answer. They have given the school money for eight months worth of James' teaching. The job is only advertised internally.

Of course I applied for it! And I don't think many other people did. And I am already doing the job I am sure I have a very good chance of getting it. Eight more months is not that much, and it runs out in the middle of the year which will provide the School with quite a challenge still. But it is a lot more than nothing at all! Stay tuned!

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