10 February 2016

Safety upgrade

If I don't write things on my hand I forget them. Even, sometimes, if they are matters of life or death. I had come up a 50m shaft, noticing my chest ascender slipped. I later came up a pitch in Cwmorthin, noticing my chest ascender slipped. Then I came up a 40m shaft elsewhere and figured I really really really shouldn't use that ascender anymore. Then I finally remembered to act. I decided to buy a new one. When I was at it, I also checked my hand ascender; this was of the same age. It looked a bit worn too, although it still functioned normally. I decided to buy a new one of those too.

My rope kit was still my first set, which I had bought in 2010. (This is the first blog post in which they feature). And it had seen a fair amount of use! It was probably indeed about time to retire it. I found a nice set on eBay. The next time I came up a rope I was very glad to feel no slippage at all! It was delightful! Thanks, old kit, you served me well for almost six years!

The old and the new kit

The teeth of the two chest ascenders; the difference in feel is bigger than the difference in looks!

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