15 February 2016

Climb, independently

It was Phil who invited me climbing in the nearby climbing hall. He said he wanted to go every week in 2016. He lasted two weeks! Then life caught up. A heavy commute, busy work and busy caring duties took their toll on his climbing resolutions. He cancelled a few times. Then one Monday he was sure to come. But then he had to phone to say he couldn't, again; he suggested I go without him. He'd ask the others (whom I barely knew) to look out for me. I had a nice night! The next week I sacrificed my climbing evening to our visitor, but then the next week I was back.

I hope it stays a habit. The people are welcoming enough! And some of them prefer bouldering, which I don't like due to my floppy knees; if I fall I want to fall into a rope, not onto my feet. But there tends to be always at least one person willing to go properly up. And for now it's dark and cold and storm after storm comes over, but hopefully things get better soon and we can go climb outside! That's always a lot more fun. But for now the climbing wall provides plenty of challenge! 

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