31 October 2015

From on top of the mountains to inside

The Swamphike ended on Wednesday. That meant going inside a mountain the day after! We'd go and have a look at a part of our pet mine Cwmorthin that's so rarely visited it still has lots of original hobnailed bootprints. That was nice! We made sure we balanced on the tram rails in those parts of the tunnels that indeed had those. We want them to stay there for others to admire too! And there wasn't an awful lot to see otherwise, so it was a short trip. Suits me!

 We found a strange variation on the birthday cake near the entrance

One of the levels held part of a hobnailed boot

 And the famous bootprints!

I didn't get to see my bed early, though. The night got a bit longer due to David and Paul wanting to stop at the local kebab shop, and to David's car having technical issues. But that's life I suppose. And still after so many visits (since 2013 only; weird, that) much time still seeing new parts of Cwm is great! We passed several other bit I had never been. Can't wait to go back!

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