06 October 2015

Bwlch-y-Plwm revisited

About a year ago, I did the Ice and Oceans fieldwork. It was quite something to lead that fieldtrip. And immediately afterwards we went underground, in Bwlch-y-Plwm. This year I will also scamper off immediately afterwards, but it will be different. The fieldtrip is soon; we already did Bwlch a Plwm again. It is a straightforward mine but a faff too; two drops, and two pull-throughs. That means a lot of waiting and faffing. But that's OK; we're a nice bunch of people! And once we finally got to the bottom of the second pitch there were all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore. It was fun!

Ghostly line of cars in the sunset

Junction in the intermediate level

Jay looking heroic in profile

The bottom level (pic by Simon)

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