14 October 2014

Yet another Welsh course

I started out learning Welsh in Bangor, but after only one hour I moved to Anglesey for more. But the tutor there figured I should jump ahead to a more advanced class, on the mainland again. I was wondering if she was overestimating me, but I did agree I needed conversation practice. And maybe not necessarily with her; she makes it so hard that she makes me discuss the impact of ocean acidification on coccolithophorids before I manage to have a flawless "did you go on holiday?" "no" exchange. So let's have a bit of the latter before I get back to the former!

The class she had in mind would be on Monday and Thursday between 7 and 9. And I, of course, can't do any Thursdays. But Mondays are OK! And when one Monday I was teaching on the mainland until 5PM. So that was a good day to start this new course! I went from the lecture theatre to the library to look up something related to an upcoming lecture, and then I went to a restaurant. I had some food, and brushed up on some things. And then I was off to the building that holds the Welsh for adults centre. After some confusion (so many classes there going on at the same time! Which one was the correct one?) I ended up in a small class. And there we went!

 Welsh language and Japanese beer while waiting for the food

It was useful; I really can use the verbal practice. I didn't learn any new vocabulary, but I did get two hours of putting my vocabyulary to use. And it's the same as ever: the pace was slow. Learn a foreign language in Britain and they make you ask each other about the weather for hours on end! Can we perhaps move on? I am clearly a bit fixed in my ways. I learn a language in a certain way, and if that way is not on offer I end up with daft skewed knowledge. But luckily I got the course material for the entire course this time (not chapter by chapter); now I can just work ahead. Exercises are what I need! If I can write it fast I can speak it. And once I have my active knowledge catch up a bit with the passive stuff I can just jump to the next class. There's more where that came from. And if I get annoyed at the endless repetitions that will motivate me to learn fast and get out of there! One day I will speak this language. One day...

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Maaike said...

And on that day, you'll ge a job in Scotland.