02 October 2014

Teaching: after the initial shock

The second lecture sure isn't like the first. For one, there is the risk of complacency. And there is the risk of the initial nerves abated, and then the to do list eating big chunks out of preparation time. Which isn't the same! I had rehearsed the first lecture well. But upon coming back into the office, I had to return to our radiocarbon application, and was reminded of the fact I was supposed to submit possible titles for dissertations. The students will get to choose one from whatever all the staff offer; depending on how popular your topics are, you can get up to 8 dissertation students. And it's quite a lot to come up with 8 projects, just out of the blue! So as much as I was aware of the need to practice in order to be comfortable in the lecture, time drained away on other things. So I found myself back in a lecture room om Tuesday morning, for the first lecture on a concrete topic (the first lecture had been an introduction). I had already checked out the room! But not the projector. Complacency! How did that thing switch on? I bet there was some remote switch, but I had no idea where, and solved it by clambering onto the table and switching the thing on directly. Solved!

The second lecture proceeded with a bit less calm than the first. A result of the lacking prep! But still quite fine I'd say. And the presentation was longer, so I did manage to fill some 52 minutes. That's alright! I hope I'll find time to prepare next week's ones. There's two in a row! So quite a lot to rehearse. And it gets worse; I have two hours lecturing within other modules too. A lot on! And still all that radiocarbon stuff. Busy times! I look forward to my weekly evening off... but I can't complain! I do like teaching, and I am sure I'll feel really satisfied when both that radiocarbon application is submitted, we have an appointment with the BGS for coming to get some of our cores (I have to organise that too), and the two one-off lectures are out of the way. And, hopefully, when the lectures keep going well!

The rather iconic building I'll be doing quite some of the teaching in

It also holds a museum! A dreamy dark place full of antlers, skulls and stuffed animals...

I walk past many a weird creature on my way to the lecture room!

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