30 October 2013

Keep yourself busy when your cave floods

October in North Yorkshire could potentially be wet. Luckily, the water may drain into handy caverns. The only thing is that you shouldn't be IN those caverns when they're used to their full draining capacity. So two weeks in a row we had to stay out of our normal digging venue. But no need to stay at home or retreat to the pub; we have a whole list of venues up our sleeve. We chose to try our luck at T'une Mouth, a tiny cave in a cliff above a stream a little further south. It has three entrances, and if we dig well we can connect all three. And that would give us an at least two minute round trip. And who knows, we might even find there's more to it. So we just went there and dug away a bit. What wasn't too practical was that both times, I had expected something colder circumstances, and was dressed way too hot for digging away in a nice dry little cave. So at least I got home smelling disgusting, as usual. And we may have to make do with that for a while; no idea if it it will get dry enough to return to Jenga before the new spring...

 The modest entrance
Putting the loosened ground into drag buckets, before shoving them on to the people closer to the entrance

At the bottom of the cliff a big spoil heap formed
All pics by Handshake

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