03 November 2013

Liverpool revisited

A conference brought me back to Liverpool. Another opportunity to catch up with Hugh. And another chance at seeing St George's Hall, and the Anglican cathedral. I left home early on Friday, read a master's thesis on the train, and reached Liverpool in time to join the Liverpudlian geography crew having an after-work pint. Very nice! And after that I got to see Hugh's new house - quite an improvement. And quite near the Three Graces. If you live in Liverpool anyway, you may as well be a stone's throw from the best bit!

The next day we did the tourist thing again. We AGAIN failed to get into St George's hall, but we visited the Walker Art Gallery, which was nice, and we saw the Catholic Cathedral (which I didn't like), and finally managed to enter the Anglican Cathedral. It was a nice day! Nice weather too, for most of the day at least. We also tried some pubs, wine bars, and a restaurant. And we had plenty of time to catch up! A lot had changed in the meantime. Next time in York again!

St George's Hall - from the outside. The only side we got to see...

The inside of the Anglican Cathedral

In a wine bar, after all the touristy activities

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