17 July 2013

Nice colleagues

When I came to Plymouth, I was quickly adopted by a bunch of PhD students. It’s nice to have a social group to belong to from the beginning! But unfortunately, in Plymouth, these PhD students were almost all set to go to Germany, Exeter, and New Zealand, so growing social roots wasn’t easy. It’s better in York! I was almost immediately greeted by the sea level folk, who are part of a larger group of friends that also involves policy, conservation, and ice people. A lovely bunch! And last week one had his birthday. We celebrated in the pub. The non-birthday lot had smuggled in a caterpillar-shaped chocolate cake as a present. It was a lovely evening! I’m privileged to be friends with people like that. I hope I can enjoy that for a while longer...

My new friends and colleagues: Abi, Owain, Louise and Tom

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